Salthill Cycleway – Cycle Lanes, Safety and Personal Injuries

Since it was proposed, the Salthill Cycleway has divided public opinion and attracted media attention. Some people and businesses opposed the proposed Cycleway citing traffic congestion and delays for emergency services. Many see the Salthill Cycleway as crucial in encouraging people to ditch their cars and help create a greener Galway.

Why are safe cycle routes important?

Unfortunately, unlike those in cars, cyclists have very little protection in a collision. For this reason, creating safe routes for cyclists is crucial to preventing minor accidents, severe accidents and road deaths. Currently in Galway City there is very little cycling infrastructure. Cyclists are often forced to take routes that they may not feel safe on or add distance to their journey just to avoid certain certain roads.

To help protect yourself as a cyclist you should always wear a helmet and bright clothing, maintain your bike properly and follow the rules of the road.

What should cyclists do if they suffer an injury or accident?

If you are involved in an accident as a cyclist with a vehicle, you should seek medical attention right away. Your health is always your top priority.  

If possible, you should record as much information as you can at the scene of the accident. Note the drivers name, insurance information and car registration number. If you can, take pictures of the scene to help establish what happened. It is advisable to report the accident to the Gardaí, even if it is a minor incident.

Finally, you should contact Padhraic Harris & Co. Solicitors as soon as you can to set up a consultation and discuss your case with a personal injury solicitor. If you are unable to attend our office in Galway City, we also offer virtual consultations.*

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We Can Help

At Padhraic Harris & Company Solicitors, we have years of experience representing victims of road traffic accidents. We have successfully acted for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists who have suffered moderate or serious injuries in road traffic accidents. We are here to assist you in and advise you on every step of the way.

Author: Ronan Harris.