Care of the Elderly

Making an Enduring Power of Attorney or a ‘Living Will’

Most people make a will to ensure their loved ones are provided for after they are gone. It is a relatively straightforward process that offers the person and their family or friends peace of mind.

However, it is also possible to make a ‘living will’ in which a person sets out how they would like to be looked after, or where they should be cared for, if they are unable to express their wishes as a result of illness.

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Why make a ‘Living Will’?

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) or ‘living will’ can be made to cover situations where a person is incapacitated temporarily or long term. For example, during medical treatment or for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

This ‘living will’ offers the individual, often an elderly person, the opportunity to make decisions about their own care while they are still capable of doing so e.g. a person may decide that they would like to remain in their home, or to go into residential care.

If you have questions regarding making an Enduring Power of Attorney or ‘living will’, please contact our solicitors who will be able to advise. 

Other legal issues in the Care of the Elderly 

Elder Abuse

Even where a person still has the capacity to look after their own affairs issues may arise in relation to their care and treatment whether in their own home or in a residential setting.

If you have concerns regarding your own treatment or that of a member of your family then talk to one the solicitors at this Office telephone 091-562062 / 091-562066 or e-mail Padhraic, Ronan or Donna or make an enquiry using the contact form below.

Consultations are available at our Galway office or can be arranged to suit you in Oughterard.

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