Capacity Issues & Ward of Court

Consulting a solicitor regarding adult wardship and capacity queries

Padhraic Harris & Co. Solicitors have many years of experience dealing with Wardship Applications, legal difficulties arising out of capacity issues, and in particular problems that can arise with respect to Dementia.

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Making a Ward of Court application

At present, where, because of a lack of mental capacity as a result of Dementia or other causes, a person is unable to manage their affairs it may be necessary to apply to have that person made a Ward of Court. Sometimes this may not be possible. This is a difficult time for you and your family and our assistance can hopefully help you get through the difficulties that can arise.

What is a Ward of Court?

A person can be made a ward of court by the President of the High Court to protect the person and their property, where a person lacks the capacity to do so themselves. A ‘committee’ is then appointed to manage the Ward’s affairs. The committee may be a family member or in certain circumstances the General Solicitor for Minors and Wards of Court. If you would like more information on what happens when a person becomes a Ward of Court, contact one of our solicitors.

Who can make an application? 

Typically a family member or friend can instruct a solicitor to make an application for a person to be made a Ward of Court. We recommend contacting one of our solicitors to discuss the process of making a Wardship application. Talk to our team of solicitors who have a wealth of experience dealing with capacity issues.

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